Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Weekly Pick: Pep Guardiola

Pep's vacationing at the beach, at an undisclosed location which we're guessing is the Canary Islands. Because that's the only place he ever goes.

We never thought he'd be the type to go for waxing off his chest (and arm?) hair, but looks like we were wrong... because compared to the mat of hair on his chest pictured here (back when he was a player on Barca) which is, by the way, virtually the only other shirtless photo of him we have ever seen - he's looking quite hairless in the vacay pics.

And completely sizzling.

We can only conclude that he has truly reverted to waxing - unless he's also balding in those areas. Not that we much care by which way his hotness appeal comes, anyway. We're just going to sit here and drool over the pictures.

We love the jeans cut-offs, we love how low they slip down over his hips, and we love how in shape he is for a thirty-eight year old coach. We just love Pep, period.
Btw: The baby on his arm is his girl Valentina. Cristina (his wife) and their other two kids, Maria and Marius, are mysteriously nowhere in sight.

1 comment:

  1. Hey girl!

    Thanks so much for the pics! :)

    btw, he's not hairless. He's just having the same problem he's been having on his head for some time now LOL
    but there's hair ;)

    And he looks absolutely gorgeous!!!